A quik art journal page-birds

It’s been a long time but exams get in the way of my art journalling :s
This is a very quick video, but perhaps someone enjoys it.
See you soon!

What I use:
An index card I created long ago, It has clear stamping with memento ink and paint
More stamping with dark blue memento ink
writing with a fountain pen
some dark blue, light blue and purple crayons.
glue medium

art journa page- 2/12/2013

art journa pagel - 2/12/2013


I recently bought an old english book in the thriftstore for only 0,5 euro. Yhe pages were yellowish and had dark edges. Perfect for using in an art journal!

The whole background of this work is made of pages I ripped out of the book. I’ve put soem white paint over it in some places and then I made a big blue stain by dripping paint and blowing it in all directions. Then I started to paint some flowers and the girl. I used a white gelliner for details.


Divide your page in four!

Divide your page in four!


You use more styles and colors in one page and it takes less time! It’s much easier to fill a little rectangle the size of a postcard than a whole A4 paper. And when you have little time or inspiration, just work on one piece and do the others later.

And off course you don’t have to use straight lines or stick to only four pieces. You can go for curly lines, divide into multiple vertical or horizontal strokes, or maybe just two,make triangles, … even circles!

I’d say give it a try!



DIY: make your own stencils!

I only recently got in to art journaling, therefore I don’t have a lot of supplies. One thing I really would like to buy soon are some stencils. They’re so easy to use on your backgrounds. Untill I found a good shop to buy them I’ll have to do with my home made stencils.

What do you need?

– tracing paper (normal copy paper doesn’t work, the paint goes trough it and smudges)

– a precision cutter

– a design you’d like as a stencil

How do you do it?

draw the design you want to use:


Just layer your tracing paper over your design and cut the shape out. Below you can see the stencil, it has been used already so you can see it better.


Here is the result on the paper:



Easy isn’t it? Now here are some things you need to watch out for:

1) YES, you can reuse these! At least if youย pick a big enough piece of tracing paper. Best is 2-3 times bigger than your design, otherwise the stencil will curl op after one use and will be hard to reuse.

2) Press the stencil to the paper and don’t use really watery paint. Otherwise it will smudge int the areas you don’t want the paint to go.

3) Really fine lines are not recommended if you want to use the stencil more than once. It will curl.

So that’s how I make my own stencils, hope you like it!


slience journal page + water based alcohol based



Today I want to share this super simple, yet beautiful journal page I made yesterday. I painted some smears and patches with very watery watercolor paint, let it dry and went over it with a fineliner. So easy!

There’s only one thing you should watch out for. I used a waterbased black liner, because that’s what I use a lot as they do not bleed and smear with my alcohol based flexmarkers. So if my watercolor background wasn’t perfectly dry it would have smeared and I couldn’t go over my liner with the paint again either. If you want to add more paint after the drawing, you should use an alcohol based marker. But remember you can’t use that one with flexmarkers or copics, which are alcohol based.

I hope that’s clear ๐Ÿ™‚


ps: comments and likes make me really happy ^^

blossom art journaling with little materials


I recently got into art journaling, but I do not own a lot of materials such as good paints, paint sprays, gesso, patterned cardstock, stencils,… I want to show you, you can make very pretty pages without all this stuff. It’s good to try out art journaling before you go buy all the suplies.
I mainly used pictures out of magazines and pieces of paper I painted myself. There’s also a ribbon in there that I kept from a present I got this weekend and some ribbled cardboard from a box of cookies. These are all materials you do not have to buy, you only need to search from them in your house.


I hope you like it