doodle with girls

doodle with girls

kawai drawing + photoshop = cute.

kawai drawing + photoshop = cute.


Here’s one of my first projects with photoshop.  I scanned an easy kawaii drawing in black marker and added color with photoshop. Looks cute, doesn’t it?

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?



A quik art journal page-birds

It’s been a long time but exams get in the way of my art journalling :s
This is a very quick video, but perhaps someone enjoys it.
See you soon!

What I use:
An index card I created long ago, It has clear stamping with memento ink and paint
More stamping with dark blue memento ink
writing with a fountain pen
some dark blue, light blue and purple crayons.
glue medium

art journa page- 2/12/2013

art journa pagel - 2/12/2013


I recently bought an old english book in the thriftstore for only 0,5 euro. Yhe pages were yellowish and had dark edges. Perfect for using in an art journal!

The whole background of this work is made of pages I ripped out of the book. I’ve put soem white paint over it in some places and then I made a big blue stain by dripping paint and blowing it in all directions. Then I started to paint some flowers and the girl. I used a white gelliner for details.