DIY: make your own stencils!

I only recently got in to art journaling, therefore I don’t have a lot of supplies. One thing I really would like to buy soon are some stencils. They’re so easy to use on your backgrounds. Untill I found a good shop to buy them I’ll have to do with my home made stencils.

What do you need?

– tracing paper (normal copy paper doesn’t work, the paint goes trough it and smudges)

– a precision cutter

– a design you’d like as a stencil

How do you do it?

draw the design you want to use:


Just layer your tracing paper over your design and cut the shape out. Below you can see the stencil, it has been used already so you can see it better.


Here is the result on the paper:



Easy isn’t it? Now here are some things you need to watch out for:

1) YES, you can reuse these! At least if you pick a big enough piece of tracing paper. Best is 2-3 times bigger than your design, otherwise the stencil will curl op after one use and will be hard to reuse.

2) Press the stencil to the paper and don’t use really watery paint. Otherwise it will smudge int the areas you don’t want the paint to go.

3) Really fine lines are not recommended if you want to use the stencil more than once. It will curl.

So that’s how I make my own stencils, hope you like it!


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