A quik art journal page-birds

It’s been a long time but exams get in the way of my art journalling :s
This is a very quick video, but perhaps someone enjoys it.
See you soon!

What I use:
An index card I created long ago, It has clear stamping with memento ink and paint
More stamping with dark blue memento ink
writing with a fountain pen
some dark blue, light blue and purple crayons.
glue medium

blossom art journaling with little materials


I recently got into art journaling, but I do not own a lot of materials such as good paints, paint sprays, gesso, patterned cardstock, stencils,… I want to show you, you can make very pretty pages without all this stuff. It’s good to try out art journaling before you go buy all the suplies.
I mainly used pictures out of magazines and pieces of paper I painted myself. There’s also a ribbon in there that I kept from a present I got this weekend and some ribbled cardboard from a box of cookies. These are all materials you do not have to buy, you only need to search from them in your house.


I hope you like it


Despicable me speed drawing

I love despicable me! It’s all sooo cute! 🙂
Here I made a ten minute drawing of some minions because I wanted to include them in my sketchbook.
I used flexmarkers for coloring.

Two shades of grey: cool gery 3 and cool grey 5
Two shades of yellow: buttercup and tulip yellow
Brown for the eyes: auburn
blue for the clothes; sapphire
The inside of the mouth; rose peach
blue for the background; cloud blue

Have a nice day!

Awesome paper flowers

This time not a video of my own, but one that, after watching it, kept me busy all afternoon. I’m talking about the video ‘how to make reycled paper flowers” frome jennibellie. If you like crafting as much as I do, please check it out!

The video is about making paper flowers. Her way of doing it is super simple and fail proof. She uses recycled paper( from packaging to newspapers). The paper should be quite steady, too flimsy won’t work as nice.

I couldn’t find good steady paper to recycle so I drew my own paterns on my bleedproof marker paper. Here is the result:


I started with three to four layers per flower and a aluminium paper center. Afterwards I added more layers and used little buttons as center. As said before they are very easy to make and more than cute! You can use them as room decoration, 3D accents for scrapbooking,…


Let me know if you tried to make these cute paper flowers.

Big hugs!


Learn how to draw some cute animals!

Drawing cute animals takes some practise. Not every position of eyes works well with a certain head shape.The eye size is also difficult. Very small is cute, but very big too. But you can go too big or too small or even not big or small enough!

All I can say about it is PRACTISE. Practise your skills by copying others and afterwards try to draw some cute pet faces yourself. Don’t expect it to go well each time!

After some time you know that certain eye shapes work well with the way you draw certain headshapes. This is different for everyone! Once you reached this point, go on by drawng different emotions with those eyes and that head.

It makes no sense to draw an emotion with eyes without the head. The position of the eyes in the head is a part of each emotion. You can even take it further by tilting the head, changing the position of the ears and ofcourse draw the mouth.

The youtube video above I made months ago. The kawaii animals have no emotion. You can use them to learn to draw cute animals, but remember: If you really want to impress, try to draw them with emotion. I’m still practising doing so.

big hugs,