About me

Hi there!,

My name is Moon 🙂 I live in Belgium and I’m 18. First of all I’d like to point out that my English isn’t that great so please excuse me for any  mistakes. I want to start a blog because I want to combine pictures, video’s and text in one place. I talk about my art projects, art journaling and about art tools, e.g. flexmarkers. Maybe some personal stuff will sneak in here too 🙂  Please remember I’m a beginner who tries to improve. My work won’t ever be great and I’ll make loads of mistakes, but I’ll get better and that’s the point, isn’t it?

You can find more of me here:

Jana Smiiliimoon (smiiliimoon) op Pinterest: This is a place where I put pictures from my artwork. Pinterest is also a good way to get inspired, I use it a lot.

Smiiliimoon’s Moon – YouTube: Here you’ll find video’s of me drawing. Some of them will also appear in blogposts.

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big hugs!


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