blossom art journaling with little materials


I recently got into art journaling, but I do not own a lot of materials such as good paints, paint sprays, gesso, patterned cardstock, stencils,… I want to show you, you can make very pretty pages without all this stuff. It’s good to try out art journaling before you go buy all the suplies.
I mainly used pictures out of magazines and pieces of paper I painted myself. There’s also a ribbon in there that I kept from a present I got this weekend and some ribbled cardboard from a box of cookies. These are all materials you do not have to buy, you only need to search from them in your house.


I hope you like it


One thought on “blossom art journaling with little materials

  1. That was fun to watch : )
    I like making use of what I can find around the house too. In fact I’m not very good at throwing things out because you never know when they might come in handy.

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